Ariser is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the Arch Linux installation process, offering two primary solutions:

  1. the ALIS (Arch Linux Install Script) for an unattended, pre-configured setup, and
  2. the Ariser ISO, a customized Arch Linux ISO that delivers the fastest installation experience with the Xfce4 desktop environment, clocking in at just 129 seconds.

We use the platform of Arch Linux, developed by a dedicated team of Arch Linux developers. Ariser leverages the archiso tool and its reliable settings to offer a platform that not only facilitates quick installations but also supports customization and flexibility. Users can build or reuse the ISO at any time, incorporate the latest ALIS updates via git pull, and choose from various desktop environments beyond Xfce4.

For those interested in creating their own Ariser ISO, the process involves cloning the Ariser repository from GitHub, creating a new GitHub project to host the Ariser code, adjusting build script references, and customizing configuration files for a personalized installation experience.

By periodically syncing with the ALIS project, users ensure their custom ISOs remain up-to-date. Ariser’s approach not only simplifies the Arch Linux installation process but also empowers users to tailor their operating system to their preferences, encapsulating efficiency and customization in Linux installations.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution that prioritizes simplicity and user control, following a rolling release model for continuous updates. It is renowned for its KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle, which emphasizes minimalism and allows users to build their system from the ground up according to their preferences. Arch’s package management is handled by pacman, facilitating easy installation, upgrades, and maintenance of software. The Arch User Repository (AUR) offers access to a vast repository of user-generated packages, further extending the customization options available to users. Arch Linux also boasts a comprehensive wiki, providing detailed documentation and guides, making it a favorite among experienced Linux users and enthusiasts seeking a highly customizable and up-to-date Linux experience.

ALIS scripts

The ALIS (Arch Linux Installation Script) is a tool designed to simplify the installation process of Arch Linux, making it more accessible to users who may be daunted by the manual installation procedure Arch is known for. It automates many of the steps involved in setting up a new Arch Linux system, including partitioning disks, installing the base system, configuring a bootloader, and setting up a user account. The script is configurable, allowing users to adjust installation parameters according to their needs through a simple configuration file. This ensures that while the installation process is automated, users still retain a degree of control over the setup, aligning with Arch’s philosophy of user-centric customization. By streamlining the installation process, ALIS significantly lowers the entry barrier to using Arch Linux, making it more approachable for newcomers without sacrificing the flexibility and power that experienced users value.

Why ariser

Short answer – it is awesome

Arch Linux

We put our trust in the knowledge of the Arch Linux developers.


Easy and fast way to install Arch Linux.


No human intervention necessary during installation.



Decide the content once and build/install hundreds of times.


Change the content on the fly.


Choose from the many desktops available on Arch Linux.

XFCE4 Desktop

but there are more desktops and tiling window managers

gnome, plasma, mate, cinnamon, lxde, i3-wm, deepin, budgie, awesome, bspwm, qtile, leftwm, dusk, …

Fastest installation of Arch and Xfce was 129 seconds

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