AA or now ARISER
stands for
Arch + ALIS

  • Introduction to a New Project: Introduces Alis, an Arch Linux install script developed by “Pico”, emphasizing its fast, automated, and customizable installation process.
  • Alis as a Learning Tool: Highlights Alis’s role in teaching Linux, specifically within the Arch Linux ecosystem, due to its simplicity, speed, and adherence to Arch Linux principles.
  • 54th Installation Method: Alis represents the 54th way to install Arch Linux introduced by the tutorial, showcasing the project’s commitment to diverse learning paths.
  • Project Goals: The goals include utilizing the original Arch Linux installation media, minimizing interactivity, allowing customization, and providing system recovery options. It emphasizes support for AUR packages, Flatpak, PipeWire, and more.
  • Implementation Strategy: Discusses the possibility of combining the Arch Linux ISO with the Alis script into a single ISO (AA or now Ariser), to streamline the installation process.
  • Use of GitHub for Configuration Storage: Suggests using GitHub to store Alis configuration settings, ensuring that users can preserve and access their preferred installation settings.
  • Script Customization and Execution: Encourages editing Alis script configurations and running them directly from the Arch Linux ISO, leveraging Git for easy updates and management.
  • Extensive Testing: Mentions successful tests across various platforms, including VirtualBox, VMware, QEMU, and physical hardware, highlighting Alis’s versatility and reliability.
  • Getting Started with Alis: Urges viewers to embrace Alis for its efficiency and potential for customization, setting the stage for detailed tutorials on configuring and deploying Arch Linux using Alis.