We go get the code from the official website.

git clone https://github.com/picodotdev/alis/

We change the name so we know that is the official code and we stay off. We only go in there to do a git pull and check the new code. You can use tools like gitahead or gitfiend to read all the changes.

We copy/paste the code of ALIS into our own github. We will add the maintenance files and push the changes to our own github.

Tips and Tricks

VirtualBox and Vmware use /dev/sda as naming convention. Qemu uses /dev/vda.

In the meantime you can use auto and the script will decide what to take.

Grub can be used on BIOS and UEFI.
Refind and systemd can only be used on UEFI. (Set your virtual machine accordingly)

We manage our githubs with two scripts. Use them as a template but change them. Download here.