In the live environment we decided to use BTRFS instead of EXT4.

Then we run ./ and wait.

  • Introduction to booting up the AA ISO, now renamed to Ariser, showcasing the integration of Arch Linux with ALIS, and highlighting the reusability of the ISO created in VirtualBox.
  • Demonstrated the significance of the nanorc file in the project, enhancing the user experience with color-coded syntax in the nano editor, making configuration files easier to read and modify.
  • Emphasized the process of playing around and making changes in the ALIS development version, including pushing updates to GitHub and pulling them for package updates.
  • Introduced the script as a means to automatically update the ALIS code from GitHub, cautioning that it overwrites any local changes made in the live environment.
  • Highlighted the ability to immediately alter configurations within ALIS (e.g., switching file systems between XFS and BTRFS) directly in the live environment, with a reminder to choose only one due to the ‘single’ tag.
  • Explained the process for adding additional packages on the fly through ALIS, showcasing the flexibility to include software like Firefox, Chromium, and Filezilla from various sources (Arch, Flatpak, AUR).
  • Concluded with instructions to execute for the installation process to commence, advising users to take a break while ALIS completes the setup based on predefined configurations in
  • The video serves as an informative guide on utilizing the nanorc file for easier configuration management and customizing the Arch Linux installation with ALIS in Ariser, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient setup experience

Booting and virtual machines

VirtualBox and VMware designate drives as /dev/sda, while Qemu identifies them as /dev/vda.

Alternatively, opting for 'auto' allows the script to automatically select the appropriate option.

Grub is compatible with both BIOS and UEFI systems.

Refind and systemd are exclusively compatible with UEFI environments. (Configure your virtual machine to match these requirements)

We manage our githubs with two scripts. Use them as a template but change them. Download here.