Do you want to build our Sierra ISO rather than download?

1. Get the code to be able to build the ISO yourself – copy/paste the line in your terminal

git clone

2. Open a terminal and run this script:


3. Check the folder Sierra-Out in your home directory

4. Burn the iso on a USB and test it out or install in a virtual machineĀ 

What is the difference between Ariser and Sierra

Ariser provide us:

  • XFCE4
  • no swap
  • xz compression of boot files
  • display manager is auto

Sierra provides us:


  • Plasma or KDE
  • swap of 8GB
  • zstd compression of boot files
  • display manager is SDDM

ArcoLinux Application Glade

You can also use a GUI to build the Ariser or the Sierra ISO.

Make sure the application is installed.

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-app-glade-git

Launch it from a menu or type 'aag' in a terminal.

In the first tab 'Building' you can choose what to build

Ariser or Sierra

There are more ISOS to build.

Using the default iso

User: erik
Password: erik