Re-use our code to create your own personalized iso dubbed “Area” in this tutorial

With the ALIS scripts, you can craft a personalized Arch Linux ISO in under an hour, creating an installer that aligns perfectly with your preferences. This installer is designed to be automated, unattended, and comes pre-configured for ease of use. Once you’ve set it up to your liking, you can replicate the process countless times with minimal effort.

The customization process involves adjusting various settings such as system variables and naming conventions, which may require some initial time investment. This project is best suited for those who are familiar with the traditional Arch Linux installation process and understand the specific configurations needed for their system, including country settings, keyboard layouts, drivers, and more. It’s tailored for users with a good grasp of Arch Linux, rather than beginners.

Our educational initiative, dubbed “Area,” serves as an acronym for Ariser, paralleling how “Sierra” is also derived from Ariser. Through comparison and tools like meld, users can deepen their understanding of Arch and the ALIS framework.

This video is aimed at users who:

– Aim to adhere closely to the Arch Linux philosophy.
– Prefer a system with minimal applications initially, adding more personalized apps and configurations upon accessing a fully operational desktop, such as through arcolinux-nemesis.

We could have chosen any desktopĀ 

We choose Plasma

Content of the video

00:00 Ariser is a project that allows users to create their own Arch Linux ISO based on ArcoLinux.

05:20 The goal of Ariser is to provide a minimal approach to Arch Linux, staying as close as possible to the Arch Linux vision.

12:45 Users can customize their ISO by selecting their desired packages and configurations.

19:30 The installation process is automated, allowing users to simply type a command and let the system do the rest.

28:15 Comparisons can be made between different configurations to ensure the desired settings are applied.

41:10 The created ISO can be used to install a personalized Arch Linux system with minimal effort.

51:45 Additional scripts, such as ArcoLinux Nemesis, can be used to further customize the system after installation.


Then we use the ArcoLinux-nemesis scripts

and install/remove a lot of packages


we install Chadwm with the
arcolinux nemesis scripts


Forgot to change the login and password?

Using the default iso

User: erik
Password: erik