You can make your own personal Arch Linux iso with the Alis scripts under 60 minutes and have an Arch Linux installer the way you want it to be.

This installer will be automated, unattended and preconfigured!!!

Figure it out once – use it a trillian times later.

You will have to figure out variables and names on the way and that will take some time.

The intended audience is for people who have gone through the Arch Linux way of installing and know what settings they require for their computers system, country, keyboard, drivers, etc … This is not a project for a novice in Arch.

We have named our educational project “Area” an acronym for Ariser. Like Sierra is an acronym for Ariser.

Compare with meld to learn about Arch and Alis.

In this video we are a user

  • who wants to stay as close as possible to Arch Linux
  • who wants to have a minimal of applications but workable
  • who will install the bulk of the apps and configs after rebooting into a working desktop e.g. arcolinux-nemesis


welcome to Area

We could have chosen any desktop 

We choose Plasma

Content of the video

  • intended audience
  • reasons why you should make the Area iso
  • if I were a user what steps should I take to use the project Ariser
  • explains where the code of Alis comes from
  • explains where the code of Ariser comes from
  • getting the code to work
  • make an account on Github and see that you can push there with the ‘maintenance’ scripts
  • meld is the way to go
  • we go over many settings in alis.conf

Then we use the ArcoLinux-nemesis scripts

and install/remove a lot of packages


we install Chadwm with the
arcolinux nemesis scripts